The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has many advantages and potentials, not in a particular field, but in many fields, which give the country a great advantage, and candidates to be at the forefront always, and although this potential exists in the “economy” and “politics” as well as The “religious” and “social” weight of the Kingdom, and the strategic location in the Middle East, but there is another advantage, not paid attention to many, and the time to activate and invest better than before, the advantage of the presence of about 93 thousand students, studying at the best universities Abroad, these must be invested in their positions and experiences in codified ways, not in a Only areas of operation, but also to improve the kingdom’s image abroad, correcting rumors propagated by some countries. Saudi Arabia has a vision of 2030, which aims to build the Third Kingdom, on the foundations of strong and steadfast and relentless and do not budge from its place, this vision contains aspirations beyond the limits of logic and imagination, this vision began to achieve its objectives and bear fruit Yaina, in addition to the pivotal role of the Kingdom in The region and the world, to defend Islam, justice and justice. This is what worries the enemies of the kingdom and confuses their calculations and makes them deliberate campaigns against them directly and indirectly. The Kingdom is one of the first countries in the region, and perhaps the world, which is generously spending on education. It allocates nearly one-third of the state’s general budget to the education sector, pays more attention to university education, and cares more and more about sending its students to the best universities in the world. This means that these people are supposed to have a leading role in defending the Kingdom, in a manner of dialogue with others, and to show the facts that confirm the civilized landscape of the Kingdom and its inhabitants. Today we can invest these scholarshipers abroad as the first wall to defend the Kingdom. By doing so, every student is possible To be a soldier, taking advantage of all his special potential to participate in the task of improving the image of his country abroad and its ancient civilization, and noble positions that are taken to defend the right and justice and the service of humanity, and this is not difficult, if we know that the Scholars are living abroad already, They know their strengths and weaknesses, and they can speak many foreign languages, so they can paint a beautiful picture of their country abroad, through their noble and moral dealings with the people of the country where they live, to be a role model and ambassador to the Kingdom. , Yeh Put her Scholars in the “inside”, and implement them in the “outside” to finally become our soft power at the time of prosperity and crisis team time of adversity. We can imagine the positive results that we can make, and from the 93,000 ambassadors who speak morning and evening about the Kingdom’s advantages, preferences, history and history to the peoples of the world. There is no doubt that the negative image of some of the peoples of these countries will change for the better. Who would do justice to Saudi Arabia and give it the right to be at the forefront of the benevolent countries, which are generously spent for the human good